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About Phluant

Phluant (floo-ehnt) is a mobile advertising company focusing on the development and monetization of rich media ad solutions specific to the smart phone mobile market. Our mobile rich media solutions create premium mobile ad inventory, provide branding opportunities and generate targeted demographic and behavioral data for the publisher and advertiser. Phluant’s ad solutions transform the mobile web into an interactive, revenue-producing communication channel. Advertisers engage with consumers through the delivery of targeted, relevant rich media advertising.

Online Advertising for Mobile

Phluant is the first mobile advertising initiative that creates premium, full screen mobile ad inventory across the Blackberry platform and is carrier agnostic. The m-stitialTM FULL screen rich media ad unit offers massive branding for the first time in mobile.

ICONTM Blackberry Widget

ICON offers fully customizable application features to brand and enhance the publisher's existing mobile website, providing value for the entire food chain: >Premium mobile advertising >Publisher branding >Enhanced user experience and adoption >User analytics >Complete creativity & customization

Contact Us

We have offices in San Francisco and New York. Please contact Robert Friedlander, our Director of Business Development, for more information.

Main: 646 530 8700 ext. 93

Cell: 415.297.6709


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