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The Pizza Marketing Machine combines today’s hottest media - text message marketing and social media marketing, with email, instant messaging, and live coaching to give you the only marketing tool you’ll ever need for your pizza restaurant.

Here’s how it all works:

1. Open an account with the Pizza Marketing Machine.

2. Create a text message offer for your customers. The Pizza Marketing Machine has already included many great offers. If you want to have high sign up rates you should make a valuable offer – something free or a large saving on a purchase. The Pizza Marketing Machine has already included many offers. You can use his offers or create your own. Your message can’t more than 140 characters.

Here are some example offers:

Mobile Coupons • Buy any large pizza and get a free appetizer today only. Show phone for special. Hurry in! Meal Specials • Today's special – one slice, salad, drink only $6.99. See you soon. New Menu Item Notifications • Come try our delicious new white pizza and Caesar salad family combo. Available for a limited time only.

3. Post our marketing materials directing people to your offer. The marketing message may be – text “pizza” (the keyword) to 41411 (the short code). Customers or prospects would then use their cell phones to send a text message “pizza” to the number 41411. You would then send them a text message back with your offer. Your text message may say, “Come in before 11/29 and receive a free pizza with 2 toppings”. You can use many tools to market your CSC and keyword. The Pizza Marketing Machine will help you put a box for people to opt-in to your text message marketing on your Web site, help you develop mailing pieces to market your text message marketing, and provide you will table toppers and signs for your restaurant. The key to the success of a text message marketing program is signing up as many people as possible to receive your messages.

4. Now the customer has raised their hand and allowed you to periodically send them text messages with special offers on the regular basis. Text messages have a 12% response rate.

To put that number in perspective, email marketing has a 0.2-0.3% response, direct mail has a 1.5% response, and telemarketing has a 5.7% response. 78 % of all text messages ae read within 15 minutes of receipt and 92% of all messages get read (compared to 20% open rates in email).

5. Start using our pre-written messages (Gold and Silver members) or create your own specific We have done all of the work for you. Our customer messages give you the content you need to be successful. All you have to do is schedule the text message and wait for the customers to flock in. One of the warnings I have to give all of our clients is be sure you’re prepared for the rush of customers when you start sending messages. If you just don’t want to mess with the system at all you can have us manage your text message marketing. Our trained text-marketing experts will to meet with you monthly to plan your campaign and ready at a moment’s notice to make any last-minute changes you may need to make to drive business to your restaurant.

6. As time goes by you will start to grow a large list of mobile numbers and be able to dramatically influence your business. Some people may leave your list but often we see customers forwarding messages with great deals to friends and those friends will sign up of your text messages. One national sub shop actually sees 5-7% increases in their lists when they send out a great offer.

7. You can run contests to drive in customers. Or do a survey to see what everyone’s favorite pizza topping is. Get your customers involved. Imagine running one of our text registration direct mail campaigns and getting a customer for life versus a customer looking for a one time deal. Customers who receive your text message marketing will on average double their spending in your restaurant.

8. Evaluate your program at least once a month. Ask yourself these three questions:

• Can I track the business generated by my mobile marketing campaign? If you can that’s great, but if you can’t you need to figure out a way to track your results ASAP. Maybe a change in your POS system will do it. First thing – once you open your account and start sending messages be sure you can track the responses. Our Text Message Marketing Specialists will discuss this with you when you open your account.

• Are your offers strong enough? If you have a great offer you may be overwhelmed or if you get whimpy you may be disappointed. We recommend you give your customer something for free in the $3-$5 range, depending on your market. You need to be direct but creative with your offers. We include a list of holidays with over 200 different holiday themes you can use in creating offers. Our Gold plan provides you with several monthly offers and campaign collateral to support your monthly campaigns.

• What is my customer response? You can accumulate responses from customers in your store and you can also look at the customer metrics you get with your FreePizza9 Pizza Marketing System. If you’re finding many customers forwarding your messages to friends and notice an increase in subscribers when you send a message you’ll know your doing a good job. If you have high numbers of subscribers leaving you may need to take a look at the content of your messages. Our Gold subscribers meet twice a month with their Text Message Marketing Specialists to plan their monthly campaigns, help them understand their results, and fine-tune their campaigns for success.

You can bet the big guys are using text message marketing already. 01-301-328-2113

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