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Pongr (http://pongr.com) is a mobile marketing and social engagement technology company that uses image recognition or visual "search" to link print, TV, billboard and in-store advertisements to mobile special offers sent to consumers. By taking a picture of Pongr'able brands, products, advertisements, or other objects, consumers can interact with media to receive promotional messages and mobile optimized search results. Pongr has connected a social gaming element to its direct-response marketing.

Pongr links users to Twitter and Facebook by posting their images and comments (of the advertisements they see/like) into their social network streams. Advertisers get a one-to-one connection with mobile users who snap a picture of their advertisement along with a one-to-many relationship with the friends and fans of the user on her social network pages.

Examples of OOH (out-of-home) advertising connections to mobile marketing and social media via Pongr's image recognition.

Example of Pongr virtual CEO in brand mobile gaming.

Mobile Image Recognition and Social Marketing Solutions

Advertising and Mobile Marketing for Businesses

Mobile Marketing Sex Appeal: [1]

Pongr CPC or Brand Awareness Solutions: [2]

Pongr Blog: [3]

Contact Email

Pongr Sales | sales (--at--) pongr (--dot--) com or http://corp.pongr.com/contact

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