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Who is Rhomobile?

Rhomobile Inc. offers an open-source Ruby-based mobile development framework for business mobility solutions. It enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using HTML instead of proprietary languages such as Objective-C. Rhomobile’ s Rhodes framework supports development for the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Google Android, Symbian and BlackBerry operating systems.

What does Rhomobile do?

  • Rhomobile is exclusively focused on helping developers bring enterprise applications to smartphones
  • The Rhodes Framework is the fastest way to develop a smartphone application---for any major platform
  • RhoSync connects smartphone applications to the enterprise back-end
  • RhoHub offers development-on-demand with a web-based IDE, provisioning service and builds for multiple smartphone platforms.

Why Rhodes applications matter

  • Applications developed with the Rhodes framework are true native apps--that support full device features such as camera and geolocation
  • Because Rhodes apps are native, they appear in app stores for devices like the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile
  • Rhodes applications work offline, but with RhoSync can have data synchronized and updated.


  • All Rhomobile products are available under the GPLv3, if you GPL your app pay Rhomobile nothing
  • Commercial licenses are available for both Rhodes and RhoSync.
  • Rhodes is $500 per app including updates for a year.
  • RhoSync starts at $5,000 and scales up logarithmically (meaning that more users cost less per user)
  • RhoHub is still in a free public beta.

Contact Our Sales Team

  • sales@rhomobile.com
  • 800.949.6110


Rhomobile offers a variety of screencasts on Rhomobile.

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