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About Ringleader Digital (RLD)

RLD is focused on extending the best of online advertising to the mobile environment. RLD offers the only true 3rd party ad serving platform in mobile. The RLD platform is used by publishers of WAP, Applications or SMS traffic, ad networks, analytics companies, publisher networks and integrated with agency buy side tools.

RLD Solutions

- RLD Spark Server

           - The only true 3rd party ad serving platform which has no software installed on the publishers servers or on a device. 
           - MediaStamp (TM) option adds Unique Device Identification via our server side cookie. This is RLD proprietary technology.
           - Pre integration with all agency buy side tools - Atlas, Double Click, Eye Blaster and Eye Wonder
           - Frequency capping for a campaign and not a single session
           - Uniques, Reach and Frequency reporting and Analytics
           - Ability to serve ads into WAP, Application, SMS, Mobile Video, and Mobile Voice services 
           - Extensive device detection from our device library

- RLD Network Manager

           - "Participatory Monetization" enabling  several ad networks to sell campaigns against a publishers inventory
           - Dynamically optimize based on Fill Rate or Click Rates
           - Supports premier network partnerships by offering "First Chair" or other exclusives 

- RLD Real Time

           - Mobilize analytics companies by providing data like - device information, MediaStamp(TM), etc...
           - Mobilize online ad serving platforms by providing real time data - device, carrier, MediaStamp(TM)- that can be used for ad serving and targeting


Address: 286 5th Avenue, 6th Floor New York, New York 10001

Website: Ringleader Website

Phone: 1 (212) 947-9800

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RLD was founded in 2005 as a mobile ad network. In April 2009 RLD sold off their ad network to focus exclusively on licensing their 3rd party ad serving and other core technologies. A key part of this transition was removing RLD from the advertising/media dollars enabling RLD to become a trusted, neutral 3rd party.

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