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Scanbuy & ScanLife

Scanbuy is the largest provider of a complete 2D (two-dimensional) barcode solution called ScanLife. The technology uses 2D codes (aka QR codes) and the camera phone to make the physical world completely interactive and measurable. The techology consists of a mobile barcode reader application and a web-based Code Management Platform. It is being deployed in North America, Latin America and Europe by wireless operators, handset manafacturers, and brands like American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Nike, Sears, and more.

The Mobile Application

The ScanLife mobile application makes it extremely easy for a camera phone user to discover and navigate to specific content in seconds without needing to type in long web addresses, search by keyword or wait for SMS responses. Just "scan" a 2D code from any printed or digital media to display a specific website, launch a video, get a coupon offer, and more. Over 80% of new phones include cameras so it works with millions of camera phones from every operating system; Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Java, etc. It is being pre-loadeded or embedded into new phone models and hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded the application for free at from the mobile browser. It is also available on all major portals from the App Store to the Sprint "deck."

The Code Management Platform

The ScanLife Code Management Platform makes it extremely easy for marketers and media providers to create and track their own 2D code campaigns. Simply create an account from the ScanLife website [1]and you can begin creating codes in seconds. Just choose the action you want to initiate (web, phone call, lotto promotion, etc.) and then download the code as a digital file to integrate within existing media. You can then log in see analytic data from all of the scans of your codes. You will see information like number of scans, number of unique users, time/date of scan, and even demographics like age, gemder and income. This system is used by major agencies, marketers, and media providers around the world.

Getting Started

There are so many ways to use this technology to engage your audience, so it is critical to find the right application for your specific needs. Here are some tips to get you started:
1. Think about how your existing media could benefit from a more interactive experience on the mobile phone. It could deliver deeper product education, it could collect valuable CRM information, or it could simply provide some level of entertainment for your audience.
2. Focus on media that is really mobile relevant. Media like print ads, transit media, and retail will typically see the best results.
3. Deliver an experience that is compelling for the end user. Make it valuable, entertaining, or exclusive in some way. There must be a call to action.
4. Surrounding your audience with 2D codes will only increase results. Research and actual projects have shown that showing multiple uses for the technology will increase engagement opportunities.

Just go to our website [2] to see examples of current campaigns and to create your own account.

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