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Who is Sensei?

Sensei, Inc. is a health care technology company creating innovative mobile solutions focused on health and health benefits. At the forefront of mHealth technology since 2005 our solutions:

  • Engage & empower individuals to make healthier lifestyle and benefits choices
  • Improve outcomes and reduce costs.
  • Make technology personal
  • Fully compatible with Smartphone and Featurephone OS's: iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, Brew, and JME operating systems.

Why Sensei?

Consumer engagement is being redefined in this new era of connectivity. Personalized, interactive, anywhere and anytime are the new paradigms. The proliferation of devices: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, JME, BREW, Windows mobile phones, iPad, Android tablet, IPtv… has created a previously unimaginable opportunity to connect with people; limited only by our ability to leverage those devices and their attributes.

Sensei’s approach and our technology address all of these new paradigms. Developed to engage consumers, personalizing the technology of today and tomorrow. A scalable, flexible and extensible platform that fulfills the various needs and goals of our partners. Sensei Connect delivers your message across any screen, augmenting your data and services as needed and providing new innovative solutions to satisfy your business needs.

Sensei’s solutions are inclusive, acknowledging that all consumers are important. Time, funding and IT resources are no longer a barrier to extend the reach and connectivity of any organization.

Why Sensei applications?

  • Applications developed on the Sensei Connect platform [1] are native apps that support all available device features (camera, geolocation, digital compass) AND function on smartphone and feature phones alike
  • Because Sensei apps are native, they appear in app stores for devices like the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Verizon Get it Now, AT&T App Center or can be distributed via the Sensei distribution platform
  • Sensei applications work offline and has data synchronized and updated when the network is available.
  • Sensei applications are available on an unlimited range of mobile devices and services with no porting and no new downloads

Key Capabilities

  • Write once, run everywhere. Enables a single build of an application to operate on >90% of available mobile devices
  • On-the-fly upgrades to existing applications and completely new services
  • Hardware and operating system independent

Contact Our Sales Team

  • 561.208.4480

More Information

Sensei, Inc. [2]

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