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ShopText is a mobile marketing and promotions platform that gives consumers the ability to buy products, request free samples or coupons, enter sweepstakes and receive alerts using text messages.

Brands and advertisers can use the ShopText platform to sell or promote products from any ad. Easily integrated with your existing technology and fulfillment solutions. Reporting features include complete real-time updates measuring response and conversion rates by keyword, media channel, geography, carrier and more!

Benefits of ShopText:

  • Compatible with any traditional media
  • Discrete and customizable call to action
  • Seamless and brand-consistent consumer experience
  • Integrates with existing supply chain operations or provides outsource option
  • Establishes direct relationship with your consumer
  • Collects comprehensive data on consumer behavior

Sales and Media inquiries call 212-796-5744.

Customer Support inquiries call 866-576-7467.


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