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About SinglePoint:

SinglePoint enables brands, agencies and publishers to connect with more than 270 million North American wireless subscribers.

SinglePoint's full suite of products and services enables publishers to monetize their mobile messaging traffic and advertisers to access premium inventory and rapidly launch mobile advertising campaigns.

SinglePoint works in partnership with entertainment, media companies, brand managers, advertising agencies and mobile networks. Current publisher partners include Viacom (VH1, MTV, CMT, BET), NBC Universal (Bravo, Oxygen, SciFi, CNBC, MSNBC, Telemundo, USA Network) and CBS Corp.

Why SinglePoint / Access Mobile

  • Singlepoint enables brands, agencies and publishers to connect with the overall mobile audience
  • Ubiquitous direct connectivity with all leading U.S. mobile operators
  • Strength in publisher inventory: Bravo, NBC, VIACOM, ABC
  • Targeted Scale: > 1000 ads per second
  • 100% Reach of US Mobile Messaging Users
  • Turnkey process: delivery, optimization, reporting
  • Access Mobile represents premium content providers. SinglePoint has teamed up with Access Mobile to provide agencies and brands unique opportunities across SMS, featuring SinglePoint’s TV Network publishers.


The success of a mobile marketing campaign is dependent upon good data: not just in relation, for example, to handset capability, but also alongside actual consumer behavior and psychographic information (what show do they watch or what SMS alert group they subscribe to)

Targeting capabilities can be applied to make sure the ad is relevant and the brand / advertiser is reaching its core demographic.

Targeting fields

  • Geographic
  • Behavioral
  • Psychographic criteria
  • Time and location possible
  • Channel targeting is also available: singlepoint offers inventory by content affinity (by show or alert program ex: project runway or top chef)

What is SMS advertising?

There are two ways to use mobile messaging for advertising purposes - short code and SMS ad insertion:

Short Codes

Short codes have played a central role in messaging-based mobile advertising campaigns. Short codes are 5- or 6-digit numbers assigned by the mobile operator to a mobile marketing application. They allow mobile subscribers to send SMS to a short and easy-to-remember number rather than the full ten-digit number used in person-to-person messaging. This increases the probability of users responding to the campaign and interacting with the mobile marketing application. Short codes can also relate well with the brand being marketed. For example, a brand such as 'APPLE' could have a short code of 27753 (which translates into APPLE on the mobile phone keypad) for its particular application. This introduces a fun element and makes it easy for mobile subscribers to remember the numbers, provided they know the brand being marketed.

SMS Ad Insertion

SMS ad Insertion allows publishers to monetize available real estate on their messaging inventory by allowing insertion of advertisements. Advertising space is made available in 20, 40 and 60 character lengths, depending on the designation by the publisher.

Benefits of SMS Advertising

  • Broad usage – mobile is the most broadly used technology, and SMS is available on most networks/phones.
  • Direct – it is directly to the device that most people have with them most of the time. 95% of text messages are read, compared to around 25% of emails.
  • Responsive – a typical campaign response rate is around 8%.
  • Low cost – when compared to TV, radio, print or outdoor media, the ROI can be much better with SMS.


Direct and Agency Media Planners and Buyers, please call Access Mobile Advertising, Inc.

Advertising Sales

Eduardo Fenili

office: 415.957.5941


San Francisco, CA

Business Development

Kristine Latronica

office: 415.957.5940

mobile: 408.569.3839


San Francisco, CA

SinglePoint Inquiries

Philippe Poutonnet

Director of Marketing

office: 425.638.4529

mobile: 206.245.3934

fax: 425.638.4700


Bellevue, WA

Screenshot Examples

Interactive SMS
Message to Call
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