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Smartsoft Mobile Solutions, Inc.

Smartsoft Mobile Solutions, Inc. puts products that provide business functionality in the palm of your hand and the hand of your customer. Smartsoft Mobile delivers rapid deployment of business-to-customer mobile applications as well as packaged business-to-business mobile applications in 9 functional areas.

Smartsoft Mobile's complete solution includes middleware and connectors to manage information requests from the mobile user's perspective, access the appropriate operating systems or other data repositories, and return that information to the mobile application. Smartsoft Mobile's apps are deployed on Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile devices.


Smartsoft Mobile's solution includes common infrastructure to support B2B and B2C applications. The benefit of a common infrastructure is to maximize the utilization of the back office operating systems and leveraging one solution to connect for both employee and customer access.

Business-to-Consumer Mobile Applications:

Smartsoft Mobile provides clients with multiple templates for mobile applications, then allows the client the ability to customize the functionality of the application by selecting desired features to place on each template. The client has total control of the application development from the start, customizing the application by focusing on business/customer needs by selecting best-of breed functions and features from predefined Smartsoft Mobile templates. Templates are completely customizable through this process, from look, corporate branding, and user experience.

Business-to-Business Mobile Applications:

Smartsoft Mobile delivers packaged B2B Mobile Apps for the following functional business ares:

Business Intelligence Delivery Management Field Service Human Capital Management Inventory Management Manufacturing Procurement Management Sales Management Work Order Management

Contact Information

Smartsoft Mobile is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

For more information, visit Smartsoft Mobile's website

Contact: Ed Krufka -

Information at the Point of Performance.

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