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Who We Are

Sponsormob is an international network for mobile online advertising. With Sponsormob, advertisers, mobile website publishers, and app developers benefit from the growing popularity of the mobile devices and are able to generate revenue and expand their reach via the mobile internet on a CPA basis.

Where We Are

Sponsormob operates internationally, with a global network of over 150 advertisers and 2000+ publishers. The company is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and has a sales office in the San Francisco Bay area.

Our Partners

Advertisers - Advertisers and agencies can expand their reach with low-risk advertising on mobile devices on a CPA (cost-per-action) basis. With CPA, advertisers pay only for successful leads or sales. Sponsormob offers advertisers proprietary tracking technology, including geo-targeting, demographic targeting, and targeting based on device (model, manufacturer, and operating system).

Publishers - Website publishers monetize mobile traffic with Sponsormob. The following features are available: full mobile analytics, real-time reporting with statistics updated hourly, marketing materials, and guaranteed support.

Developers - App developers advertise their apps through the Sponsormob network or generate revenue by placing advertising within their free apps. Developers can also benefit from Sponsormob's Unlimited App Developer Fund, giving them the opportunity to earn bonus commissions on revenue generated by their apps.


The Affiliate Marketing Awards (2011) - Best Use of Mobile; Best Affiliate Innovation


Sponsormob exhibits at several events during the year, including the following:


Affiliate Summit

Apps World Europe

Keep updated with company events and news - http://www.sponsormob.com/blog/


Joe Niederberger

North America Business Development Manager

Phone: +1 (510) 421-4046

Email: joe@sponsormob.com

Rose Silford

UK Business Development Manager

Phone: +49 30 201693053

Email: rose@sponsormob.com

External Links

Sponsormob website - http://www.sponsormob.com/