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About SwebApps

Business owners of any size can quickly and inexpensively create personalized mobile apps to promote their business.

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SwebApps provides anyone the tools to build a great-looking, highly-functional mobile application for their business, in as little as five minutes. By using SwebApps, users can create dynamic mobile applications that engage their customer base wherever they are, and encourage repeat, regular use by easily allowing for the creation of new content. SwebApps maintains a suite of features including an App Tracker™ to give users the ability to track their application’s daily performance, and a Content Management System that enables content creation and update in real time.

“The iPhone and its many varied applications have given businesses the opportunity to reach existing and new customers on the go, but many lack the resources, knowledge, or budget to create mobile apps in-house,” said Magaly Chocano, CEO and founder of Sweb Apps. “To succeed in today’s highly-competitive market, small businesses have to incorporate mobile and social media applications into their business plan. Sweb Apps gives them that opportunity to easily and inexpensively reach clients where they increasingly are, on their mobile device.”

How To Build an App

Building an app is simple, and takes just a few easy steps. First, the user selects their industry or type of business, either by choosing a template from specific categories or customizing one on their own. Next, they select the buttons they would like their app to include and submit their desired information, like menu selections, sales information or anything else pertinent to the business. Once these steps are completed, the application is submitted to SwebApps, and the system uploads the app to the iTunes store. The creator is notified once their app appears in the store, and they are then able to share the news with their customers. Users will be able to access their Content Management System giving them the ability to edit, cancel or add updates to their app in real time.

Once an application is created, users can conveniently track the app’s performance through the App Tracker™. Providing the creator with instant access to valuable data, such as number of downloads or number of times each one of their buttons has been clicked, the App Tracker™ helps users see daily results on how their customers are interacting with their app and what information is effective.

SwebApps also provides creators with a Content Management System that gives them the ability to change the app’s information in real-time. By allowing the user to constantly update their app with new information and content, customers are more likely to regularly access the app, further marketing and promoting the business.

SwebApps has created four, six, and eight button packages. One time set-up fee per button applies, and there is a hosting fee applied to every application. Additional fees apply for access to the App Tracker™.

SwebApps Examples

AIGA Houston App

Video Pro App

Artist Katie Pell App

Founding Farmers App


Email 24/7: info@swebapps.com

Phone Mon- Fri 9am - 5pm CST: 210.617.7260

Address: 707 S. Saint Marys, San Antonio, TX 78205

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