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What is TextID?


TextID provides Text Marketing services which allow individuals, and businesses both large and small, to strengthen, maintain, and develop a new avenue of communication with both current and potential clientele. Through SMS text messaging, TextID allows its users to designate a “keyword” on the most memorable short-code in existence, 555411. Once a keyword is reserved, the owner of that keyword can have an auto-response message designated as the receipt of an SMS request, in addition to building databases of mobile phones that are “opted-in” to that particular keyword, in order to execute mass SMS broadcasts.

Key Strengths

Supported by all major carrier networks : Including Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, CellularOne, Boost, Telebec, Virgin, Alltel, Alliant, Bell, Sasktel, Telus, MTS, NorthernTel, Rogers, and Fido.

Standard messaging rates apply : Sending a request SMS on TextID’s shortcode does not trigger additional charges. It’s just like sending a text to one of your friends.

The most memorable shortcode in the world : TextID has sole ownership of the shortcode 555411.

Coverage in both the U.S. & Canada : TextID’s shortcode is registered with several major Canadian carriers.

Low cost : For only $9.95/month you can reserve a “keyword” on 555411, with unlimited messaging included.

Thumbsite Builder : TextID’s trademarked application allows for all keywords to link to a mobile phone-enabled web site with pictures, thousands of characters of text, 2-D barcodes, and multiple URL hyperlinks.

Instantaneous : Your keyword and Thumbsite can be live in as long as it take you to reserve your desired “keyword” and insert your auto-response message.

Specific Capabilities & Services

Pull / On-demand SMS : This is TextID in its most basic form. With the reservation of a “keyword,” the owner of that keyword controls the content which gets sent back to the mobile phone of whomever texts that “keyword” to 555411.

Push / Opt-in SMS : Activating menu-driven auto-responses from your keyword will give whomever texts your “keyword” to 555411, the option to “opt-in” by responding with a specific character (i.e. “Y” for “Yes”). Once that mobile phone is “opted-in” to your “keyword,” you have the ability to send them SMS at your discretion. The idea here is to build up a database of thousands of “subscribers” to have the capability to simultaneously “push” them SMS.

Peer-2-peer SMS : Instead of waiting for someone to text a “keyword” to 555411, you can send them the content of any public auto-response using the “keyword,” a space and then their phone number.

Polling / Voting : By reserving specific keywords associated with a multiple-choice response (i.e. “A,” “B,” “C,” & “D”), you can prompt your audience to text the letter that corresponds with their answer choice to 555411. Results and analytics are available in real-time.

Contests / “Enter-to-win” : By setting up a temporary keyword to use for a special promotional contest, a specific message (i.e. “Congratulations you’ve just won…”) can be pushed to specific “subscribers” (i.e. subscriber #20, the first 10 subscribers, all those who “opted-in” before a certain deadline, etc.).

Textable Listings / Classifieds : By writing the appropriate script, TextID has the ability to take any database of standardized listings (i.e. classified ads, individual vehicle pages on Auto-Trader.com, etc.) and make them textable. By cataloging each “listing” with a sub-keyword, all listings, including new listings, will be automatically cataloged and formatted for mobile phones.

Message scheduling : This feature is available with both “push” and “pull” SMS, and enables specific messages to be active at specific times. This feature is great for businesses whom have specials on a specific day each month, or perhaps those who’s point-of-sale location changes periodically, or it also simply allows for a different message during business hours versus outside of business hours.


“Keywords” can be reserved for just $9.95/month, with the first 30-days being absolutely free. There are no contracts or binding payment requirements…you simply pay as you go. Depending on the quantity of keywords purchased, discounts may be applied to certain “bulk” purchases. “Push” messaging has a tiered pricing system based upon the number of subscribers to that specific keyword. The higher the bracket of subscribers that your keyword falls in, the higher your monthly payment is.


"Paper coupons are so out-dated. People either forget about them, throw them away or lose them. With the special offers I have been able to include in my TextID message, these problems are solved." -Stuart Weatherman, CEO, Diamond Auto Glass

"TextID allows me to reach a younger audience. My business depends on junior high and high school athletes, and TextID is my way of connecting with them on demand." -Billy Cundiff, Founder & Head Coach, Cundiff Kicking Camp

"TextID has been an invaluable sales tool for us. As soon as we implemented TextID, advertising revenues went up." -Brian Muir, Publisher, AZ Weekly

"With TextID, we are able to market to potential apartment renters with tools they are already comfortable with: their mobile phone and texting. Potential renters now have access to floor plans, availability, pricing, special offers, and contact info." -Ken McElroy, Principal & Co-Partner, MC Companies

"TextID is a quick and easy way for future students and their families to keep up to date with important admissions information and deadlines." -Paula Petrowski, Director of Admissions, Xavier College Preparatory

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