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The Heartland Mobile Council (HMC) is a Chicago-based non-profit organization whose mission is to help businesses “cross the chasm” from mobile technologies to mobile marketing. Mobile is emerging as the most powerful channel to communicate with the consumer, yet only eight percent (8%) of companies that embark on a mobile marketing campaign do so a second time. The confluence of consumer retailers, brands, researchers and agencies – combined with the presence of the “average consumer” – make Chicago the ideal location to learn how to utilize mobile technologies to communicate with consumers.

We have organized to help educate marketers and businesses about how to use this new mass medium to grow their business and enrich their brand. We believe that Chicago, the heartland of America, is the best place to bring mobile technologies to the average consumer because we bring real knowledge and real experiences to real people.

Content Initiatives. Include white papers on mobile 101, 201, etc and mobile metrics. It also includes the creation of a case study library sorted by industry vertical with quantifiable results and rated by HMC mobile experts along with reader feedback. Event Initiatives. Our marquis event is the Mobile University, a one-day interactive conference whose purpose is to educate marketers on the basics of mobile marketing and to demonstrate how mobile technologies can be used to create relevance for your business/brands. We also host events with other organizations to educate their membership and online webinars.

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