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About The Nielsen Company

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Nielsenis the world’s leading marketing and media information company, providing marketing, media and consumer behavior intelligence as well as producing numerous trade shows and publications including Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter and Adweek. The privately held company is active in more than 100 countries with headquarters in New York.

Measuring the Third Screen – Nielsen Solutions

As a leading provider of telecommunications and mobile media measurement, Nielsen provides comprehensive insight into the mobile media consumer. The company’s measurement leadership across the entire media landscape offers clients a holistic understanding of media consumption across traditional, Internet and mobile platforms. For mobile research, in particular, Nielsen combines direct-measurement methodologies and large-scale consumer panels to meet an array of industry-specific and market research needs:

Audience Measurement - Understand reach, frequency and demographics across mobile Web, video, applications, short codes, audio and games

Media Mix Optimization – Benchmark advertising investments across media platforms.

Forecasting and Trends – Evaluate mobile media developments to stay ahead of the competition and identify new business opportunities.

Marketing ROI – Identify and maximize marketing exposure within a brand’s most profitable consumer segments to achieve the highest return on spend in mobile advertising campaigns.

Consumer Segmentation and Targeting – Uncover psychographic, demographic and behavioral information to predict the most lucrative consumer segments, media, promotions and outlets.

Learn more about Nielsen’s mobile media research offerings.

Publicly Available Research & Insights

Nielsen frequently shares its mobile media research publicly:

- Nielsen posts the latest mobile media insights to the Online & Mobile section of their blog, Nielsen Wire

- Other insights are regularly shared through webinars

- Detailed, public reports are available online that dive deep into mobile media, including:

• “A2/M2 Three Screen Report”

• “U.S. Telecom Quarterly”

• “The Global Online Media Landscape”

• “Global Faces and Networks Places: A Nielsen Report on Social Networking’s New Global Footprint”

• “How Teens Use Media”

• “Critical Mass: Worldwide State of the Mobile Web”

• “Realizing Potential: Overcoming Barriers to the U.S. Mobile Advertising Market”

• “Tuned into the Phone: Mobile Video Use in the U.S. and Abroad”

• “The Short Code Marketing Opportunity”

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For more information about The Nielsen Company and its mobile media research and insights, contact your Nielsen client service partner or

David Gill

Director, Client Services – Mobile Media

The Nielsen Company