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In today's fast-paced world, people are always on the move. Mobile phones keep consumers connected as they travel from home to the office to the airport - and everywhere in between. That's what makes The Weather Channel Mobile such a powerful advertising solution. As the #1 Content Site, reaching over 12 million monthly uniques, people access The Weather Channel Mobile to get local forecasts, severe weather updates, airport delays, traffic maps and much more.

In addition to the mobile web, The Weather Channel offers ad supported mobile applications across multiple devices including the populare iPhone, Android and Blackberry App soon to come. With over 35,0000 downloadable applications available on the iPhone alone, The Weather Channel App consistently ranks in the iPhone's top 20 most downloaded applications and within the top 5 for Google Android.

When consumers access The Weather Channel Mobile or Applications, they're coming with a purpose. They need to know the weather so they can plan ahead. That means our users are more alert, more engaged, and more receptive.

They recall the forecast...and they recall your advertising message.

Audience Demographics 12 Million Monthly Uniques 22% reach of mobile web users 80% unduplicated reach with 57% Male / 43% Female 77% Adults 25-54 46% Adults 35-54 48% HHI $75K+ 33% HHI $100K+ 64% College Graduate+ 26% Greater than BA/BS 28% 1-99 employees: Enterprise Size Source: Nielsen Mobile March 2009; Unduplicated figures reflect at-home audience

Ad Products Geo-targeting Reach only the consumers in your target market with the most accurate geo-targeting in the industry. The Weather Channel Mobile uses the zip code or location information consumers enter to get their local forecast to geographically target your ads.

Weather-triggering Make your message powerfully relevant with weather-triggered ads. This unique ad solution allows you to target users who are experiencing specific weather conditions including rain, cloudy, ice, snow, clear and windy.

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