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About Todacell

Todacell is a premium mobile display ad network for advertisers and publishers. We provide proprietary ad flow management technology which enables publishers to optimize their display advertising inventory leading to more effective campaign results for the Todacell’s advertisers.

For advertisers and agencies, we're a top mobile ad network according to industry rankings which provides a completely transparent ad network, ensuring that advertisers and agency planners know exactly where all of their advertising will appear.

By analyzing publisher inventory and performance, Todacell is able to optimize advertiser campaign results in a way that mass ad networks do not. Publishers gain an ad network partner who takes the time to understand their ad inventory and users in order to run better targeted campaigns which generate more ad revenue.

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Contact Info: Website: Web info for advertisers: [[1]] Web info for publishers: [[2]]

Email: Advertiser queries: [[3]] Publisher queries: [[4]] General queries: [[5]]

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