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Useful Networks – About Us

Useful Networks’ corporate mission was to become the leading LBS aggregator/clearinghouse for mobile operators, mobile content/application developers and players in the LBA ecosystem on a global basis. Their operations began to wind down in the 2nd QTR of 2010 and they finally shutdown their website in September 2010.

Their product suite consisted of:

AdWhere™ – Location Based Advertising Useful Networks is a specialist in Location-based advertising (LBA), a new form of marketing communication that uses location-tracking technology in mobile networks to target consumers with location-specific advertising on their mobile devices. Useful Networks’ AdWhere™ Platform enables premium location-aware mobile advertising products and brings value to all of the stakeholders in the LBA chain. Useful Networks earned the Gold Award for best location-based advertising (LBA) technology with its AdWhere™ Platform at the 2009 Mobile Advertising and Marketing Awards.

PlaceWhere™ – Location Aggregation Useful Networks™, a location based services specialist, has developed PlaceWhere™, a secure platform allowing application providers to access location and presence information from mobile networks, while enabling mobile operators to safely and securely deliver location information that respects and implements the myriad of privacy policies across carriers and application types an end-user needs to opt-in and opt-out of services they desire while controlling their level of accessibility with others.

Applications Useful Networks has launched a number of award-winning location aware applications and services: social networking/ community applications (e.g., sniff® friend finder), LBS-enabled games (e.g., PhoneTag Elite), and comprehensive location based advertising solutions.

Corporate Summary Owned by Liberty Media (Nasdaq: LINTA, LMDIA, LCAPA), Useful Networks (UN) was founded in July 2006, as a location and content enabler allowing mobile content and service providers to receive subscriber location information securely across different mobile networks. As a subsidiary of Liberty Media, Useful Networks is a financially stable mobile location company with unsurpassed exposure to an array of content and media companies (such as DirecTV™, QVC™, Game Show Network™, STARZ! and Discovery Channels™) and location technology expertise.

AdWhere - Location Based Advertising

“Our goal is to show that location-enablement increases brand exposure by amplifying conversion rates, allowing brands to reach the right people with the right message at the right time in the right place – increasing the likelihood of consumer response.” - Useful Networks CEO, Brian Levin.

Location increases the value of mobile advertising by improving targeting and facilitating deeper levels of consumer engagement.

AdWhere Benefits – LBA Stakeholders

The AdWhere platform benefits all stakeholders in the LBA chain:

1. Mobile Operators

• AdWhere allows the mobile operator to become a more significant player in the value chain for on and off-deck advertising. Existing LBA approaches require consumers to either download an application or manually enter data (such as ZIP codes). The “AdWhere Platform” is relevant to all mobile web browsing, both on and off-deck.

• Key Benefit: Carriers who enable LBA will benefit from an increased value (CPM) of ad inventory and an increase in demand (Fill Rate) for advertising on their network as they enable localized campaigns.

2. Ad Enablers / Networks

• Mobile marketers are seeking cost-effective sources of location, and value-added services, to enable a new generation of LBA products. Location-based, geo-targeted mobile advertising offers premium targeting opportunities for advertisers. There is a consensus among industry experts that location-relevant advertising will command premium CPM’s from advertisers, based on performance.

• Key Benefit: Increase ability to serve broader location-aware ad inventories across carriers and at higher CPM’s.

3. Brands

• Mobile Advertising + Location Enablement = Consumer Response! Brands receive high CTR’s due to relevant and compelling calls-to-action. Local targeting makes mobile advertising viable for regional brands.

• Key Benefit: Maximizing consumer experience with brands through privacy managed location-aware capabilities and toolsets.

AdWhere Products

1. Store Finder

Mapping tools automatically present relevant brand retail locations to consumers without any manual entry (i.e., postal codes).

2. Proximity Based Rewards

Enable “after-the-click” tools to engage consumers and provides the abilities for brands to present a redeemable reward in the store (facilitating consumer engagement).

AdWhere Product Distribution / Media

1. Geo – Targeted Banner and Text Ads

Delivers targeted content based on user location and allows for local, regional and super-regional segmentation (targeting).

2. LBA SMS Campaigns

Useful Networks can support a pull-type LBA campaign through SMS (short message service). In an SMS campaign, the user initiates (pulls) by sending an SMS message to a designated short code. The SMS response that the user receives depends on which campaign option, described below, is chosen. In both scenarios, UN hosts a “Store Finder” page that the user can link to in the SMS response.

3. In-Application Advertising

Useful-Networks / AdWhere also has the ability to deliver targeted advertising content within a mobile application.

Useful Networks’ location enabling technology can support a variety of location-advertising mechanics within the context of mobile marketing campaigns. UN works with various ad networks and agencies to determine the best mechanic(s) for the overall campaign, but it essentially comes down to the type of location based mobile marketing campaign that the brand is interested in launching.

PlaceWhere™ – Location Aggregation

PlaceWhere serves as a secure location clearinghouse for applications and application providers who want access to carrier-agnostic location based services. The platform provides a simple suite of APIs to access these services. In addition, it provides a suite of services related to mapping and geo-services which complement the core location services.

In summary, PlaceWhere brings rapid, low-cost, and compliant LBS application deployment to wireless carriers. UN powers cross-carrier location aggregation for carriers and content providers, promoting LBS as a core revenue stream.

PlaceWhere Benefits – LBS Stakeholders

1. Mobile Operators

• Key Message: Exposing the location capabilities of the carrier network to third parties is complex, costly and time consuming, making it difficult to develop LBS as a revenue stream.

• Key Benefit: PlaceWhere brings rapid, low-cost, and compliant LBS application deployment to wireless carriers.

2. Content Developers

• Key Message: There is currently no convenient enabling point for developing LBS applications which work across carriers.

• Key Benefit: PlaceWhere’s on-boarding process significantly reduces cost and time-to-market for LBS applications.

LBS Mobile Applications

sniff® – social network integrated friend finder: an SMS, WAP and Facebook-based service which helps users answer the world’s most texted question, “where r u?” sniff lets users find their friends, in real-time and on demand, using mobile phones or online.

PhoneTag Elite – the game is simple: capture other and avoid capture. Move towards targets and attempt to capture other players.

GEO - Geo is a casual, location-based multi-player game, focusing on territorial conquest and social interaction. Geo overcomes problems with other mobile games with its casual nature — the game adapts to the user’s situation, they are only in the game when they want to be. Geo takes full advantage of LBS in the game play — it’s not a gimmick.

Qwikets - A peer-to-peer, proximity based open marketplace for buyers & sellers of event tickets.

Snocator – the ultimate ski and snowboard guide for the iPhone. Find yourself on the mountain, locate your favorite resorts and get up-to-date snow reports.

For more information on Useful Networks, visit or email

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