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Who We Are

VMBC is a business partner for major national brands who see the move to mobile as not simply the next step in a digital evolution, but a fundamental shift in how people will relate to each other. And to the brands they support.

We believe mobile is the launch pad for a new type of consumer engagement and loyalty. We conceive and bring to life the brand and business ideas that nurture this loyalty.

We do all this to build our clients' brands on the mobile platform, generate deeper loyalty among their customer base and create incremental revenue.

We do all this to help our clients make more money in the mobile space.



 • Opt-In & Community Building
 • Messaging

VMBC Proprietary Solutions

 • V-Loc™ Location-Based Services
 • VConnect
 • VClient
 • VClient Latin America
 • VLink
 • VLink 360


 • Marketing & Paid Media
 • Social Marketing
 • Mobile Workforce Management

Tech Development:[4]

 • Mobile Application Design & Development
 • mobi Conversions, WAP Sites & Websites
 • Custom Content & Promotions

Case Studies

Our only definition of success is the one our clients use.

If our clients want to tell you about their business, we´ll be happy to let them. We can tell you that we have grown every business we´ve ever worked on and created a profit for every one of our partners.

- We launched an app that debuted at No. 1 in the iTunes App Store’s Lifestyle section and stayed there for over a week, generating hundreds of thousands downloads in that time.

- We created a client SMS database of more than 8 million opted-in subscribers in less than a year.

- We grew sales for a new division of a multinational company from $0 to $350 million in less than 18 months.

- We designed the mobile programs that increased a client´s incremental revenue by over $20 million in less than twelve months.


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