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Vibes Media is a mobile applications and mobile services provider. Since 1998, the company has been helping both marketers and publishers develop, retain and strengthen their relationships with customers through highly relevant, timely and targeted mobile communication programs.

Vibes’ client roster includes premier marketers such as Verizon Wireless, U.S. Cellular, Virgin, AT&T, Sprint and Publishers such as CBS, NBC, Gannett, Fox, Tribune and Emmis along with dozens of sports teams from the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB.

Located in Chicago, IL, Vibes has won national awards for application development, marketing programs and its legacy of growth.


Co-founders Jack Philbin and Alex Campbell started Vibes in 1998 when mobile phones in the U.S. were used for voice only. Driven by the vision that mobile phones would soon be used for mobile messaging, they chose to enter the mobile messaging industry the only way they could – through the paging industry. The founders created a sophisticated targeted messaging application that used capcodes and over the air (OTA) programming. As data capabilities started to emerge and U.S. wireless carriers, seeing the dramatic growth of text messaging in Europe, began to promote data services, Vibes naturally evolved into one of the few companies poised to leverage the text messaging opportunity in the U.S.


Over the past 3 years, Vibes has grown from 25 to nearly 90 employees and in order to help attack the rapidly growing text messaging and mobile marketing space, Vibes has added several high profile executives, including Drew Green and Charley Cassell. As the Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Drew is responsible for defining, implementing and leading the execution of Vibes’ Sales, Business Development and Marketing strategy. Prior to joining Vibes in 2009, Drew was a member of SHOP.COM’s executive team and held sales and sales leadership roles with Grey, Flonetwork, (acquired by DoubleClick) and DoubleClick (acquired by Google). Vibes’ CFO Charley Cassell, has held several senior positions at leading internet companies including Yahoo!, eGroups and Learning Insights. Most recently, Charley worked as the Director of Operations at Google - a position he arrived at through the acquisition of Feedburner, a Chicago-based internet company, where he was CFO.


Fidelity Ventures, the venture capital arm of financial giant Fidelity Investments, has spent 40 years partnering with companies, providing them with the capital, resources and support needed to scale operations and accelerate growth.

After establishing years of profitable triple digit growth, Vibes Media secured a growth stage investment from Fidelity Ventures. This investment is being used to build upon Vibes Media’s industry leading position and empower the leadership team with the resources needed to continue to invest in people, products and strategic opportunities within the mobile landscape.

Solutions and Services

Vibes helped pioneer the space early on with the development of several mobile marketing products including Text-2-Screen, Text-2-Win, Text Adventure and the award winning iRadio. Today, the company strives to set the industry standard for best practices and offers a wide range of mobile marketing, mobile web and interactive voice recording (IVR) solutions. Vibes is recognized by the Common Short Code Association as a Tier 1 aggregator and is the second largest licensor of short codes in the United States.


If you would like more information on Vibes Media and the services they provide please visit or call 312.589.6960 to speak with a representative from the company.


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