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About Visionstate - Creators of the ViCCi touchscreen directory system

Visionstate has created touchscreen wayfinding directory systems for shopping centres since 2005. This directory system is known as the ViCCi (Virtual Customer Care Interface) and incorporates 3D maps, an animated customer service assistant, and animated footprints to direct customers to the store they have selected. Presently there are over 40 ViCCi units in operation in 9 malls throughout Canada. Check out our website to learn more about ViCCi and the malls that our directories are in.

Mobile App development

In 2009 we decided to enter the world of custom branded mobile app creation starting with an iPhone application. Presently we are completing an app for a shopping centre in Edmonton Alberta. These custom apps incorporate all of the elements that have made the ViCCi touchscreen directories so successful including:

-fully interactive animated 3D maps

-an easy to use interface

-linked directly to the ViCCi online administration website for management to make simultaneous updates to both their ViCCi directories on site as well as their mobile app.


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