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Address: 1900 Medical Arts Ave S Sartell, MN 56377

Website: [1]

Phone: 1 (855) W3i-APPS

Email: Sales Inquiries [mailto:Thomas.heitz@W3i.com

About W3i

If you are in the business of apps, W3i can expand distribution for your mobile app or increase monetization. Totally Apps, Kama Games, Gameview, SGN/Mindjolt, Tiny Co and hundreds of other game advertisers selected W3i as their mobile partner. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Relevant Audience: W3i app offers get high conversions due to reaching a highly targeted game audience with time sensitive free game offers.
  • Cost Effective: With the rates of acquiring users increasing, W3i offers competitive PPC campaigns delivering the results you need.
  • Critical Partner: The W3i Mobile Team earns your business with the technology, reporting and collaboration to maximize your app business.
  • Innovative Marketing: W3i uses its intelligent platform to test and optimize gameplay so you retain more users.


The W3i Application Network is growing rapidly driving 6 installs a second with a cumulative total of more than 600 million downloaded apps. W3i provides multiple distribution channels to get your apps in the hands of users, and we continue to pioneer with focusing on app distribution and monetization. W3i offers competitive rates to get your app discovered. Contact W3i to learn more.

Developers and Publishers

Looking for a new revenue stream? Feature free apps at opporune times during gameplay to your receptive gaming audience for high conversion rates and increased revenue. Contact W3i to learn more. MAAP2.jpg


  • AppAllStar Feature your mobile app for a burst of traffic
  • Mobile App Ad Platform Use the AppAllStar free app feed to promote free apps at opportune times during gameplay for high conversions
  • Ad Funded Payment Platform Feature your mobile app on our offerwall. Users are incentivised with virtual goods to install your app. [2])

Case Study

The W3i Advantage

Why work with an automated system? W3i provides a team of app marketing experts to assist you in growing your business. W3i has the experience, technology and metrics to drive your app revenue. If you are a developer with a passion for mobile games, talk to W3i about funding opportunities for development and marketing.

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