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Wapple provides technology and solutions for mobile web sites and services that work on all mobile internet browsers. Not only do Wapple have the leading technology in Canvas™ to allow you to achieve this at the best price, we are also experts on mobile web design, experience and advertising offering a full managed service.


Wapple Canvas

Wapple Canvas


Wapple Canvas™ mobile publishing platform allows you to create rich, dynamic, mobile websites using simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop controls.

How you build

It's incredibly easy to construct any mobile site. You simply use 'Chunks', which are in effect widgets of functionality.

You can create the initial structure of your site using our quick-start wizard - you then add extra Chunks and pages.

You will see a visual representation of your site as you build it and are able to drag and drop Chunks wherever you want them on the page as well as copy and paste from one page to another. It is even possible to duplicate pages or even the entire site.

In a nutshell it really is easy and the results are amazing!

Canvas Features

There are many features to Wapple Canvas, but here are just a few.

Click to Call You simply add a 'Phonecall' Chunk to your site page and type in a telephone number - your site will then display a clickable link that will generate a phone call directly from the user's browser.

Forms It's easy to allow interaction with your site - a form is simply another Chunk on your page - you can configure a form to collect any amount or type of information from your consumers.

Stylesheet Editor Once your site is constructed we provide you with a point-and-click interface to uniquely style your site exactly as you want - colour schemes, font size, alignment, etc. The results are completely determined by you with no restrictions on possibilities.

Stats You will gain access to full statistical data on the devices and users that visit your site plus what they do when they get there - geo location, handset make and model, downloads, page impressions, and more.

SEO You will have the ability to optimize for mobile search engines such as Google Mobile by simply applying meta-data to your pages and content. Your site will then appear higher in related searches.

Rules If you want to get really clever this is a really powerful feature of Wapple Canvas™. Your site can appear and behave exactly how you want it under all sorts of conditions. A simple example of this would be allowing entry into parts of your site only to those who have completed a form.

Wapple Architect

Wapple Architect


Wapple Architect™ allows developers to quickly and perfectly adapt existing web content and applications for mobile, using a revolutionary new programming language.

What can I do with this?

Mobilize existing web applications Allow you to promote ONE domain for both web and mobile Develop unique mobile services that integrate your existing data and content Automatically optimized to EVERY mobile device in the world! Learn to code in Wapple Application Programming Language (WAPL)

Wapple Exhibit


Wapple Exhibit™ adapts and optimizes your mobile websites to the capabilities of every mobile device, ensuring the best end-user experience and full brand integrity.

Device profiler

The device profiler holds and organizes a hugely detailed amount of data on every single mobile handset and internet browser in the world.

It grows organically each time a new device visits a site that uses Exhibit™.

Optimized delivery

When a user visits your mobile site or application, Exhibit™ dynamically optimizes the page content at a granular level to the mobile phone. Each page feature such as a row, download, graphic, link, data feed, form etc, responds independently, to the best of the phone's capabilities, whilst the user receives instantaneous connectivity to your content.

Wapple Architect Plugin for Wordpress

Have you host a Wordpress Blog?

Would you like it optimised for EVERY mobile device quickly and simply?

Then you need the Wapple Architect Plugin for Wordpress

Want more?

Woul you like to administer your Wordpress Blog on the move?

Well you can have that too!

With the Wapple Architect Wordpress Mobile Admin Plugin

Examples & Screenshots

Wapple provides a unique program for Advertising Agencies and Web Designers that enables them to offer world class mobile design and build service.

Our partners have built some of the most successful mobile advertising campaign sites in the world, attracting millions of unique visitors, encouraging consumer interaction and strengthening brand.


Magners Cider
Build by Wapple for the Magners Original campaign this site uses Wapple Architect to create a dynamic site that has user relevant content. Visitors to the site can use location based services with dynamic web services to find out local bars that serve Magners and also enter competitions.
Mobile Magners Site
Wapplemagners.png Ice Age 3

Created by Wapple for Microsoft Advertising to promote the new film this site is graphically rich with a fun feel to enhance the brand and compliment the other forms of promotion. Built with usability in mind due to the target demographic.

Ice Age 3
Wapplelookandlisten.png Look & Listen
Originally a mobile only offering, but following the success of the site a full web presence is being built to compliment the mobile site. This is the first site built by The New Media Agency using Wapple Canvas and shows how you can use downloadable content to interact with users.
Look & Listen
Wappleiw09.png Internet World 2009
The Internet World mobile site was built by Wapple to specific requirements provided by the Internet World team. The rich content available on the mobile site includes; What's on Today, Internet World Highlights, Latest News and Exhibitor Listings.
Internet World 2009
This site was designed and built by Wapple for the Watchmen film. The site has information on characters in the film and downloadable assets such as wallpapers or a trailer.
Wapplewatchmen.png Red Nose Day 2009
Designed and built by Wapple the Red Nose Day 2009 mobile web site took it's look from the web campaign and ran alongside this. This meant that mobile users were given a site optimized to their device with information relevant to them.
Red Nose Day
Wapplerac.png RAC
The RAC mobile site was built to serve a number of different purposes as well as attract drivers to join the RACs roadside assistance service. We integrated with Multimap to provide map information as well as allowing a visitor to enter start and end positions and be provided with driving directions.
Wapplemito.png Alfa Romeo Mito
This site was designed by Mobext and built by Wapple for the release of the Alfa MiTo car. This site is in multiple languages to allow users to get the best experience.
The Butcher & Grill
The butcher and grill site was designed and built by Targeted Television Media using Wapple canvas and has been promoted using a successful text campaign.
The Butcher & Grill
Wapplebag.png Run Fat Boy Run
This site, designed and built by Wapple to specifications given from Microsoft, was for the release of Run Fatboy Run. It shows how a graphically rich design can be used alongside downloadable content and interactive features.
Run Fat Boy Run
WappleToyota.png WappleHamburg.png WappleDeWalt.png WappleEden.png WappleAssassin.png
WappleSpartacus.png WappleMWL.png WappleWembley.png WappleFord.png WappleName.png
WappleRRW.png WappleFinal.png WappleBertolli.png WappleSears.png WappleIron.png

Brands on Wapple

This is just some of the brands who use Wapple.

LogoAbbey.png LogoAlfaromeo.png LogoAviva.png LogoBarclays.png LogoCastrol.png LogoChanel.png LogoCoca.png LogoFox.png LogoHP.png
LogoIntel.png LogoLandrover.png LogoMotorola.png LogoNike.png LogoNivea.png LogoO2.png LogoRAC.png LogoSeat.png LogoSloggi.png
LogoSony.png LogoTmobile.png LogoToyota.png LogoUniversal.png LogoVUE.png LogoVodafone.png LogoVolvo.png LogoWalker.png LogoAdidas.png

Contact Information



+44(0)1527 558247

Company History

Wapple was incorporated on May 4th 2004 - Star Wars day. The business initially delivered mobile content, including wallpapers, ringtones, videos and java applications.

The first version of Canvas was an internal facing tool called 'Console'. This interface separated the management of mobile services from the technology that delivered them to mobile browsers. Wapple was one of the first businesses delivering content over the mobile web. As the services gained popularity the founders were approached by many other content providers and asked to deliver their assets through Wapple technology.

As the business developed, Wapple decided to cease direct to consumer activities to focus on business to business technology.

Wapple Canvas was developed to meet the expectations of third parties looking for a technology platform that could self-serve their needs to build compelling mobile web experiences. In 2008 Wapple recognised that along many established businesses were looking to enter the mobile web space. Their existing web application infrastructure could be accommodated by Canvas but the process could become costly.

Architect was developed as a remedy to this. It's device independent markup language ensured that any server-side application could be delivered to mobile browsers without having to separate logic and data.

Key People

WappleAnne.jpg Anne Thomas Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer
Anne has 6 years experience within the mobile industry and has a deep knowledge of mobile internet and user behaviour. She has expertise in mobile marketing, project management and business operations. In addition she has strategically developed Wapple to its existing position as a leading mobile technology provider. Anne was recently voted one of the top 50 international women in mobile content.
WappleRich.jpg Rich Holdsworth Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer
A recognized name within the mobile industry for having true, proven, foresight into mobile internet Rich has been key in the creation of Wapple core technology. Rich has 8 years background in Web and Mobile Development and 8 years within Video Games Creation and Development as Lead Designer on 'Number 1' products. He was credited in the Sunday Times for creating the first ever WAP game.
WappleJohn.jpg John Leftwich Chairman
John was formerly Corporate Vice President of Microsoft responsible for Sales, Marketing and Service in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; a $9 billion business across 40 subsidiaries. John has almost 25 years experience in the PC industry and is widely regarded as one of the "founding fathers" of the industry in the UK.
WappleNick.jpg Nick James Legal Director
Nick James has over 25 years experience of giving legal and general advice to industry. He has held senior positions in Taylor Woodrow and Burmah Castrol. Latterly he has acted as a consultant to BP. He was appointed Group Legal Advisor to Burmah and was a Director of several of their subsidiary companies. He specialises in acquisitions and disposals, joint venturing and project work, but he has also been involved with most of the legal and commercial aspects of international business.