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WeatherBug ( is a trusted source of dynamic weather information enabling people worldwide to make more informed weather-related decisions. Millions of consumers and professional organizations, including the National Weather Service, rely on WeatherBug to make more informed personal and mission critical decisions which safeguard lives, impact communities and improve business operations. WeatherBug is a brand of Earth Networks.

WeatherBug Mobile, one of WeatherBug’s premier products, provides advertisers with an opportunity to reach millions of users on the go, as Weather is the #1 accessed content category on mobile devices in the United States (Nielsen Mobile Media View, February 2012). As of February 2012, the WeatherBug mobile audience has increased 13% YOY, currently consisting of 11.9MM users, and continues to grow (Nielsen Mobile Media View).

WeatherBug is the exclusive weather provider for Verizon, in addition to providing weather for top carriers including Sprint & Alltel.

Advertising opportunities include targeted WAP ads and exclusive mobile content section sponsorships, such as Allergy, Cold & Flu, and Hurricane. WeatherBug also sells advertising for its applications on the iPhone, Google Android, and BlackBerry Storm.


Campaigns on WeatherBug Mobile can be targeted by carrier, country, DMA, pollen count, time of day and day of week. Advertising on Smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry Bold, T-Mobile G1 Android and Nokia 5800) can be targeted by city, state, zip code and country.


BlackBerry aimed to increase brand awareness and click-through rates to their WAP site via advertising on WeatherBug Mobile. Blackberry utilized WeatherBug’s targeting capabilities to target and track three specific groups of device users separately; BlackBerry users, competitive Smartphone users, and non-Smartphone users. Click-through rates on the BlackBerry handset devices exceeded 5% on 8 of the 26 days of the campaign. The average click-thru rates were 3.8% on BlackBerry devices, 1.61% on competitive Smartphones, and 1.53% on non-Smartphones.


Current and past advertisers include Odwalla, Visa, Subway, Marriott, Paramount, Alavert, Verizon, AT&T, Thumbplay, Xcel Energy, Microsoft Office Online, Vicks, Frontline, and 20th Century Fox, among many others.


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VP Ad Sales and Marketing

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