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About Xtify

Xtify provides marketers, businesses and developers with the tools necessary to take action based on location.

FOR ADVERTISERS, MARKETERS, AND PUBLISHERS: Xtify offers tools to create, manage, optimize, and distribute marketing messages triggered by their customers’ actual physical (and persistently known) mobile locations.

FOR ENTERPRISE AND BUSINESS: Xtify enables businesses to know the real-time location of their customers, employees, and inventory. Using Xtify’s Location Engine, location can easily be incorporated into existing enterprise or business application.

FOR CARRIERS AND MANUFACTURERS: Xtify aggregates location data facilitating software developer access the location of their users through a single interface.

FOR APPLICATION DEVELOPERS: Xtify provides the means for developers to location-enable their web and mobile applications. Using Xtify’s suite of APIs and other services, developers can easily incorporate location in to their product.

Contact Information

Street Address: 520 Broadway, 10th Floor, NY, NY 10025

Lat / Long: 40°43'22.14" 73°5955.26"

Phone: +1 646 395 1270

Website: [1]Xtify Website www.xtify.com

Email: Business Development Inquiries

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