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About ZestADZ

ZestADZ is a leading performance based mobile advertising network that allows advertisers to reach out to millions of mobile impressions globally. Advertisers benefit from cost-effective consumer reach, and thus gain high returns on their campaigns. ZestADZ helps publishers to monetize their mobile traffic, provide higher fill rates and maximize revenue potential.


mobile-worx is a leading mobile 2.0 company and provides innovative mobile advertising and marketing solutions. mobile-worx has offices in USA (Los Angeles, San Francisco), India (Chennai, Mumbai) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Advertiser and Agencies

ZestADZ has comprehensive campaign management capability. Our team works proactively with advertisers and offers them approaches and solutions to optimize their campaigns in order to deliver effective and measurable results. We offer a dedicated account management team to assist advertisers and agencies run an effective mobile advertising campaign.

  • Multiple AD Formats: We offer text and banner ADs for both CPC and premium inventory based CPM campaigns.
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics: Our advanced reporting provides a detailed insight into your campaign.
  • Global Inventory: We offer global inventory for your campaigns.
  • Self and Managed Campaigns: You can choose either to manage the campaigns yourself or allow our campaign managers to manage and optimize your campaign on a daily basis.
  • Streamlined Payment Methods: We support PayPal, Bank wire and Check payments.

WAP Advertising Key Features

  • Define single or multiple campaigns, with banner or text ADs: Create campaigns with single/multiple ADs and apply all the targeting features you require. Set the campaign duration as per your requirement and you’re ready to start advertising.
  • Manage and control your daily AD spends: You can set predefined limits for daily spends on your campaign and just in case you over or under spent on any day, you can always customize the limits accordingly.
  • Target specific country or countries: Where you want your ADs to be shown along with the carriers available for that country.
  • Target specific channels: Select the channels where your ADs will be shown and also set the bids as per the channels or an average bid across all channels.

Target for makes and capabilities of handsets including i-phones.

The best way to monetize your mobile websites

ZestADZ offers mobile publishers a convenient and profitable partnership to monetize your WAP properties through targeted mobile advertising. Our account management teams are trained to work collaboratively with publishers to integrate with ZestADZ and consistently monitor and manage publishing on your site, optimizing and delivering the best ROI for your inventory.

  • Simple and Easy Integration: Sign up as a publisher and integrate our APIs on your mobile site in minutes.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Our advanced reporting provides detailed insight on revenues earned on your inventory.
  • Account Management & Support: Dedicated account management team. End to End support from technology, sales, campaign forecast, optimization and revenue management.
  • Zest Points: Allows our publisher partners to get a 15% bonus clicks when they transfer revenues earned to run ADs on ZestADZ to increase traffic or run promotions. This is a simple and easy way to advertise.

White Label Solutions Publishers who want to sell their own inventory can license ZestADZ in a white label fashion to create and sell their own mobile inventory. Apart from our robust technology platform we also offer other value-add services like sales teams, campaign teams.


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Address: 1059, Opal Way, Gardena, CA 90247

Website: ZestADZ Website

Webpage For Agencies: ZestADZ for Agencies

Website: ZestADZ Blog

Phone: 1 (310) 516 8552

Email: Advertiser Inquiries Publisher Inquiries General Inquiries

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